YP19VW is a special callsign issued to be used by RVSU (The Romanian Radioamateur’s Emcomm Network) with the occasion of the multinational exercise Vigorous Warrior hosted by Romania in period 2 – 14 april 2019 in Cincu military training base.
Vigorous Warrior ‘19 is the largest dedicated medical exercise in the history of the Alliance, co-organized by the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, the Romanian Armed Forces General Staff and the Romanian Ministry of National Defence Medical Directorate.
It is a NATO Joint Multi-level and Multinational Medical Exercise, as it encompasses the simulation of actions with 38 (and 2 pending) participating NATO and Partner Nations and includes various air, land and naval components and furthermore, multiple echelons of the deployed units’ command structure. Furthermore, a considerable civilian component will also participate in the exercise, with 10 different organizations coordinated by DSU – The Department for Emergency Situations from the MInistry of Internal Affairs.
VW’19 is listed in the NATO Training and Exercise Program and the Combined Joint Enhanced Training Initiative as well.

RVSU – (The Romanian Radioamateur’s Emcomm Network) will be present in the Cincu military training base at this exercise for the first time, deploying a complex radio-communication network (from 7 MHz to 5 GHz) in radioamateur bands as an alternative to institutional communications.

The Romanian radioamateurs will handle “emergency” radio traffic for DSU and all NGO’s involved in this exercise.
In HF bands we will operate the special call YP19VW to test the propagation conditions for data and voice comms.

The call will be active between April 3rd and April 12th and we kindly ask the radioamateur community to announce us on the DX Cluster when hear us; we will not have internet connection there.

The station will be installed at an “Internal Displaced People” Camp and will be active in SSB, WINLINK and other digital modes.

A special QSL will be available for the stations in our log.

Further informations will be issued on this page.

We hope we will met on the air, 73.